5 Communication Tips to Help You Succeed at TCEC!

Communication is a vital part of success at Tri-County Early College and the sooner you master this concept the better your projects will be. There are multiple steps to becoming a communicator fluent in success. Here are the five best communication tips to help you succeed at TCEC. Compliment Sandwich Everyone knows that dealing with your project groups can be a real hassle. So, when confrontations arise from not doing your work, here is the best way to deal with it. To start off, address what is wrong and make sure the other group members understand it. Then point out something they are good at. After that, connect the dots by saying they should make their subpar work be more like the work

Group Dynamics at TCEC

Tri-County Early College has three school wide projects a year in which the whole school participates in groups consisting of 3-6 students. Since these projects are collaborative the subject of group dynamics frequently comes into play. Group dynamics is how people within a group interact and work with each other. For a group to be successful they must have positive group dynamics or overcome the challenging dynamics they have at the beginning of the project. There are five stages to group dynamics: Orientation, Power Struggle, Cooperation/Integration, Synergy, and Closure. The Orientation stage, also known as the “forming stage,”is when the group is just starting to come together. Students

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