Google Crew

This is a club where students get to experience a hands on experience with technology. They get to use things like drones, virtual reality, 3D printing and many other things. You even get to take a trip to the Volkswagen plant!

Adventure Club

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As the name implies, students in the Adventure Club participate in outdoor opportunities such as hiking, canoeing, and overnight camping trips.

The picture at left shows Alyssa Hawkins climbing the rock wall at 

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Music Club

Music is a club where students that play instruments can get together and play. They also have opportunities to go see other people play music like a concert. They can also form bands to play with each other. 

Rotary Interact Club

This is a club where Christians can go and learn stories from the bible or certain verses. In this club you also fellowship, eat and have a good time!


Students in this club go to many science, technology, engineering, and math events. There are many different places they could go, they have even went to gravity games! It all depends on a student vote.

Junior Civitan

Junior Civitan is a service organization that helps the community. They promote services that try to get cures for mental problems. They also "Spread the Word to End the Word". This helps to stop offense words.

Spanish Club

Beta club is a national honors society for high school. The goal of this club is to promote academic achievement and leadership. 

Programing & Design


Creative Writing

Prom Committee