New classrooms for Early College

TCEC gets new classrooms for students including a new lunch room, and 2 new math rooms. 

Top students at TCEC embrace alternate paths

TCEC graduates embrace alternate paths for their future careers. Click below to read more!

TCEC Graduation Walk

TCEC holds a "Graduation Walk" ceremony for class of 18'. Click below to read more!

Tri County 9/11 Recognition

TCEC holds a 9/11 recognition ceremony open to the public every year honoring the fallen, and recognizing this day as President of TCCC, Donna Tipton gives a speech.

Early College Students Show Off Water Projects

Students from Tri County Early College present their water projects during Exhibition to the public!

Student Entrepreneurs Make Their Pitch in Smart Tank

 Tri County Early College Junior, Samantha Calascione presents an innovative idea to Smart Tank called "Braille Bricks". The idea consists of Braille lettering on Lego's for children that are blind. This product allows them to interact with others in a unique way. Click the button below to learn more!

State Superintendent Visit

State Superintendent Mark Johnson visited TCEC on April 23rd 2018 and was interviewed on the visit recently on the radio station WKRK. listen to the interview using the link below.

Congratulations, Mr. Owens!

On October 25, 2017 Mr. Owens received the Distinguished Teaching Award, presented by the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research.

TCEC Highlights from 2015-2016

Mr. Alt recently compiled a list of accomplishments for the 2015-2016 school year for TCEC.  Take a look at the attached link for more information!

Faculty Blog: The Power of Positive Thinking

A blog by Mr. Alt on the power of positive thinking and how TCEC has recently piloted a program to help students cultivate positive thinking.

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