College Going / Staying Rate

We pride ourselves on the small gap between our college goers and stayers.  We can justify the chaotic creative process our students experience in PBL when our alumni communicate their comparative advantages in balancing time, productivity, leadership, and quality as they enter and navigate intensive collegiate academic environments.

ACT Scores

Although we allow a great deal of student autonomy, we hold our students accountable to the same academic rigor within the disciplines and their practice of skills ties directly to their content learning.  Even within a framework of student autonomy and the minimal use of standardized quizzes and tests, our students manage to beat the local, state, and sometimes national averages in specific content knowledge.

scholarships earned

Due to the results and implications of the previous charts, our students are sought after by the colleges to which they apply and/or stand out among their peers with transcripts and resumes that highlight service, real-world problem-solving, and practical skill work.  In the same vein, our students talk about college and careers on a regular basis and learn to accept they have what it takes to graduate from distinguished universities.

College credits per student

This is one of the core student experiences in our model: our students go into college coursework as soon as they enter as freshmen and continue into a higher proportion of college courses each year.  For them, then, college and career readiness integrates simultaneous experiences with experiential methods and college rigor and responsibility.