Dear Future TCEC Student

​I know that you have had some concerns about coming to TCEC and whether or not this system would work for you. I can assure you that, in my opinion, this system is the best thing out there and you will grow a huge amount. I myself am a testimony to this. My most noticeable improvement would be in my way of presenting. My presentations used to be wordy and contain no more information than what was on the page, but now my presentations contain fewer words and sentences that I add a lot of extra information on to and I am confident and speak well.

TCEC has also made me much tougher. At the beginning of the year I complained about the system and never really gave it a chance. However, this system has made me tougher and taught me how to do hard work. I now know what is required and how to put in work and time to do good quality work efficiently. TCEC has also given me skills to work with others I barely know and to have grit, adaptability, and strong leadership skills in my work, groups, school, and the workplace. These skills will be infinitely helpful in the real world. Overall going to TCEC has been the best decision in my life and I would not trade my lessons learned for anything!

#GrowthMindset #GlobalAchievementGap #ProjectBasedLearning

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