The Hard Truth about TCEC

​If you are scared to succeed through challenges and hard work, this might not be the place for you. But, if you are willing to have responsibilities and learn what it's like to be adult, this might just be the place for you. I'm glad that I came to this school because it has mentally and physically challenged me. I'm not going to sugar coat my experience and say that I haven't had hard days where I wasn't sure if I had a positive impact.

You're going to have hard days but those hard days at TCEC will turn into lessons. I can't begin to count the amount of lessons I've learned in the past three years at TCEC. Not only have I had academic lessons, but lessons that I have been able to use in my personal life. I've learned lessons from Mr. Haigler on "" out a misunderstanding with my peers, which has allowed me to speak with my peers without making them feel like something is their fault, but also fixing the problem. I have learned from Mrs. Chambers that there's no such thing as failure while Mr. Owens has pushed me to make a task plans and timelines which have led to better time management.

I've also learned lessons from my peers. My peers have taught me how to be a leader. If you would have asked me to be a leader or present in front of my class in eighth grade I would've declined. At TCEC I've been thrown into group discussions, been in groups with people I didn't know, and even presented in front of the whole school! Those experiences made me a better at communicating and listening. Being put into groups to do projects forces you to learn and understand the survival skills. I have learned that in order to be successful in a group you have to communicate, collaborate, have grit, communicate across networks, and collaborate across networks.

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