From Traditional to TCEC

You might have heard some rumors that our school is unorthodox and doesn't help kids learn at all. Although we may not be your typical high school, our students are learning more than most people can imagine. Take it from me, a sophomore at TCEC who went to a traditional high school my freshman year.

While attending my last school, I came home all the time talking about the latest drama in sports or other people every day to my parents. I even came home crying sometimes because of this drama. I also realized who I was as a person my freshman year and people I hung out with at that school couldn't accept it, so I had to fake who I really was to fit in.

Going to TCEC, I could get away from these people who couldn't accept me and find new friends who would like me for who I really am. Now, I come home and tell my parents about my projects and my art work and all things at school while hardly having any drama to report. I'll admit that at the beginning of the year, I hated this program. I got kicked out of my project group because I was so behind and it was really frustrating because I felt like I wasn't learning anything and I didn't know how to work within the new system to get ahead. After the first project, I had some time to think about how I could learn better and prove mastery in my competencies.

By the time the second project came along I had figured out most of my classes and how to prove things. I learned so much during the second project and had so much fun with it! Now I am on track to finishing all my classes by the end of the year and can tell you more about them than I ever could as a traditional student. I also have better communication skills through this because of having to talk to my project teammates and my teachers to ask questions and discuss things with them.

Because it is so different, TCEC takes a while to get used to and it is super challenging, but that's what everything in life that is worth anything is like. Getting out of your comfort zone is all you do in the world, so why do we have a comfort zone in the first place? TCEC helps you get comfortable in situations that you normally wouldn't want to be in like learning to take the initiative for your own learning then talking about it with your teacher or even teaching it yourself to a fellow student!

As a student, I didn't realize how much I was learning until I compared it to my previous education experience. I liked my other school because I was always comfortable and rarely challenged myself. This school might be challenging and stressful in some ways, but I truly feel the system is helping us prepare for the real world. And isn’t that what school is supposed to do?

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