From Slack to Success

In the summer of 2012, I received my acceptance letter form Tri-County Early College. It was so long ago that I don’t remember exactly how I felt, but I know I was happy to try something new. I remember the first day of high school - seeing all of my friends from other schools and all hanging out and catching up. Freshmen year went by in a flash! I slacked off at first, but the school was nice enough to let me make up most of my assignments (because of its "No Zero" grading policy) and I finished with solid grades. Then sophomore year rolled around and my slacking behavior continued. I dropped a few college classes and my teachers were expressing concerns, but all I cared about was my friends and who I was hanging out with.

Then we hit junior year, and the first half I wasn’t doing very well in anything but physics, because it interested me greatly. Then, during history class we were assigned a project on westward expansion. After picking groups, we decided we would create a movie on Billy the Kid (see below). We made an informative and super funny video, and everyone loved it - teachers, students, parents - everyone! A fellow group member and I were asked to present our video at a conference in Cherokee for a chance to win money. It was great! Even though we didn’t win any money, I still tackled the rest of the school year with renewed strength. I finished with pretty good grades once I picked up the slack.

Senior year was fairly uneventful, but due to my slacking off my first two years I was mostly playing catch up with college courses. Now, my "Super Senior" year (where I am completing my Associate's Degree using the 5-year TCEC option) is going great. My first progress report this year was the first time I’ve seen only A’s. It was crazy! And I’m still on track to graduate at the end of the year as of right now.

Overall, this school has helped me mature from a little kid who didn’t want to work at all into someone who enjoys creating fun projects that help myself and others learn.

#ExperientialLearning #ProjectBasedLearning

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