The Value of Challenge

This year at Tri-County Early College I had a tough time adapting, but eventually I started to get the hang of it. Although at the beginning of the year I knew I was struggling, I persevered to get better. Now it's near the end of the year and I realize I can easily become an "astronaut" if I want to, which would allow me to plan my own projects and have enormous freedom to pursue my own interests.

This year was very exhausting and difficult, but when I say this I do not perceive this school a waste of time or too difficult overall. Instead I see the school as something like training for the Army. It's meant to make you harder, better and stronger and it really does that. This is the type of place that will build you up and you may not realize this until your senior year.

This school slowly helped me become more serious and concerned about my future and has helped me realize that school itself is important and so is getting a job. As an indication of my newfound commitment to school, I've realized that I now have sudden urges randomly to do competencies (where I have to master a skill or knowledge target and demonstrate that to a teacher)! I am very grateful for this urge due to how helpful it is, although I do sometimes like to take a little time off for myself.

I don't think the school should focus on making it easier because then the students will learn slower than if it was hard. I like that TCEC is challenging and think that if it changed too much, it wouldn't be Early College anymore because it would lose what it stands for - preparation for college and survival skills for the workplace. Many people in today's society want everything to be easy, but life itself is not easy. Although some people aren't mature enough to realize that life is challenging yet, the school which they go to should build that maturity and prepare them as much as possible. I really appreciate how supportive and caring the staff is at TCEC and how they help us mature in this way.

Many students talk about how this school is stressful. However, stress is not bad if perceived at a certain angle. It's basically just the result of students slowly starting to learn and adapt to a challenging experience, which is going to be very valuable for them in the long run.

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