A Memorable Year

Before I was even in middle school, I always wanted to go to TCEC. I heard nothing but excellent and positive conversations regarding this school, so I always knew this would be the school for me. I attended two different schools during my middle school years and I noticed both had their own beliefs on how learning should take place. One school was more of a traditional, worksheet and desk type school where you do your work then you go home forgetting all of the academics you needed to know for the final exam. The other school had a more welcoming and Project-Based Learning (PBL) experience, as well as some traditional worksheets mixed in. I soon grasped onto PBL and wanted to attend Tri-County all the more.

When I received my acceptance letter, I was thrilled because I knew it was a new beginning plus a chance at success and greatness. So I took it, and I will never regret that I did. My first few weeks of TCEC were difficult because the concept of a school based entirely on PBL and Competency Based Learning was foreign to me. It was an experience I would have to get used to, but I figured out it was all worthwhile. Months passed and I soon realized how effective the system really is! I have learned how to become compatible with others through working with a team of students I have never known before in my life for months at a time. I have learned to become accountable to myself for deadlines and labs, while I have learned how the teachers are there to help you succeed. It is a system that all flows back to one person and one person only - you! Just as a democracy does not work without social responsibilities and obligations, a Project-Based Learning system does not work without students taking initiative and proving that they can. Moreover, students at TCEC have graduated with Associates Degrees and have gone to more universities than any other school I have ever witnessed.

TCEC is truly a spawn of ingenuity and creativity at it’s finest, and I knew that from day one, but now I have experienced it myself. Being a student at Tri-County is tough, difficult and sometimes bearing through the work and extended days can be hard, but I have learned more than I ever have before, hands down. Thank you.

#ProjectBasedLearning #CompetencyBasedLearning #GrowthMindset

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