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How can a media class impact high school students for the rest of their lives?

When a high school introduces a media class it opens doors to students that will teach them skills that will last a lifetime.

Media and PR classes are slowly making their way into schools, providing a creative, fun outlet that gives students a chance to go more in depth with something that they use already in their everyday lives. Tri-County Early College has given that opportunity to its students. They not only learn the basics in graphic and web design but they get to see job options that they don't normally get to see in the average classroom.

How do you know you want to be a photographer if you don't know anything about photography? What class do you get to learn graphic design if not media class?

Media Makers, a new elective at TCEC, helps students answer these questions.

Media Makers helps students to learn web-design, graphic design, photojournalism, how to use Google Analytics, and much more. It helps students to build digital storytelling skills that are essential in today’s workplace.

You can notice that the people with PR or marketing experience express themselves more easily and understand the bigger picture with any project. This is incredibly important for today’s youth to learn because so many jobs look for PR skills - especially in growing sectors of the economy. Not only that, PR and learning how to use social media is important if someone wants to create a business or advertise a product. For students seeking employment in growing industries or interested in entrepreneurship, skills that this class teach are very important.

As a so-called “Open Source Learning Academy,” that emphasizes collaboration and sharing, this class helps TCEC maintain a powerful web presence that highlights excellent student work. With the media makers class, important school activities will now be expressed and put on display for the public to see by the students hands. It will show how talented these young students can be when given the chance to show their skills.

All Students should be given this opportunity because media is an important part of today’s society and it’s important for students to learn how to use it in their daily lives. The media makers class is teaching skills they are going to be able to use outside of the classroom and far beyond high school.


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