Technology, the future of the classroom

According to IT trade association, CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), students prefer technology because they believe that it makes learning more interesting and fun. Subjects that students deem challenging or boring can become more interesting with virtual lessons, through a video, or when using a tablet.

Education isn’t just about memorizing facts and vocabulary words, it’s about solving complex problems and being able to collaborate with others in the workforce. Ed-tech in the classroom prepares students for their future and sets them up for this increasing digital economy.

Nine out of ten students using technology in the classroom would help in a technology based future, according to CompTIA’s study. Jobs that have not had a digital facet, may have them now. To be utilized to your fullest potential in the 21st century you need to have a basic understanding of technology.

When students are given mobile technology and it is used appropriately, they will be able to access the most accurate information quickly and without any obstacles. The traditional way of passive learning does not suffice with today’s students. Utilizing technology in the classroom will give the teacher the advantage of being the advisor and fortifier. Implementing technology in the classroom will aid in effectively connecting among students of all learning styles.

If you are unaware, our school, Tri-County Early College, provides all of their students with iPads. This enables them to be the best and most efficient students they can be. In addition, we also acquired Apple TV’s which drastically improves the technological integration throughout the school.

The presence of technology in our school can be credited to the innovation associated with the high quality products created by our students. Technology has impacted our school for the better, with more improvements in the years to come.

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