From Nothing to Success: My Whimsy Project

Let’s say you’re asked to create your very own animal. What characteristics do you give it? Does it have gills, fur, wings, maybe even a poisonous tail? Is it big and tall or is it short and small? Well, that’s all up to you.

At first my group had “animal block”. We had no idea what type of animal we wanted to create. The idea came to us to use the animals that represented ourselves. These animals were the toucan, lion, otter, and the turtle. We combined the names, and thus, the Tuliotle (tu-li-ot-le) was born.

The tuliotle was not, in any way, an easy animal to build. It took many days and late nights to complete. We had to find and use materials that could construct our animal and make it work. Like using cotton balls for fur and salad tongs for a beak. These may sound like weird things to use, but the tuliotle ended up looking like a extraordinary animal.

We also had to create a documentary about our animal. Filming was hard on the tuliotle. We had to make it run, jump, and act as if it was flying. While we were filming we noticed that some parts of the tuliotle were not attached as well as others. The legs and wings would not stay connected to the rest of the body. As we were trying to make the tuliotle run, its legs would just randomly fall off. The only thing we could do to fix it, was to glue to parts back into place, which never held. The documentary was also a stubborn thing to make. I had to stay up til 3 a.m the day of the presentation to complete it, but it ended up being a hit that everyone loved.

The day of the presentation we were most scared that the tuliotle would not hold. The parade was one thing that was particularly tough on the tuliotle. This being the first time that anyone had seen our animal, we wanted to make sure that the tuliotle would stay intact. Things never go the way you want them to and in the middle of the parade the tuliotle started to break. The wings detached and the legs started to pop off. The one thing that kept it together was us, the tuliotle relied on us to hold its collapsing body together.

Being successful in a group project is not always easy. For some people every group they touch has a successful end product. For others, it's harder and we found that this project was in the middle. For example, our group had some difficulties between members. It wasn’t successful the whole way through, but the end product was amazing. It was something that no one was expecting to see. We had to set our differences aside and build our product as planned. With help from others we built a functional product that we loved very much.

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