The Biggest Project At TCEC

At TCEC, projects are the most important part of our school. They are what we use to learn and connect what we learn to real world situations. Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors all get to enjoy projects in groups and connecting what they learn in class to their projects. But what about TCEC’s Seniors? At TCEC, everything that you do before you’re a senior, all the projects and the work that you do is leading up to your last year. The Capstone or Senior Exit Project is where you take all the skills you’ve learned and you make a project out of your interests with the idea that what you make can benefit your community in some way.

TCEC has continued even though other district schools have moved away from them, Senior Exit Projects have remained an essential part of senior year at TCEC. Unlike previous projects, Senior Exit is not about connecting what you learn in class to the project, it is about taking something that interests you and you think will have an impact on your community. TCEC still does this because they believe that after highschool when students leave and go to college, this will help then when they have to do solo projects in college as well as the work place when they might be in charge of something and aren’t given too much direction on how to do it. It also teaches students how to make deadlines, and how to work with


My Senior Exit is about helping teens and adolescents learn the basics of budgeting and how to run a business. When I started in the workforce and I got my first paycheck, I was surprised to see how much money was taken out of my check because of taxes. I also had, and still have a hard time with budgeting money. When I was a child I would play tycoon games and Harvest Moon, a farming/business simulator. These games can give you a sense of how to open the business, but with my project I want to show how taxes get taken out and how you need to take some of your money and invest it into different parts of your business so you can become successful. Other projects that the seniors are working on are making classes and curriculums to go with them, starting their own real business, or doing fundraisers.

At first one may ask how high school students are supposed to do these projects in one school year but they aren’t alone. TCEC encourages them to get help from professionals who have years of experience. Each student is required to have a mentor to help them along the way. So students are never going to be left behind or unsure on what they are supposed to do.

Having a Senior Exit Project is a great opportunity here at TCEC, students are not only allowed, but encouraged to make a creative, fun project that they will enjoy working on. The Senior class has just finished milestone 1 of their project. The first milestone was about planning and inquiry. This milestone was about planning where you are going to go and discover how your personal interests can be turned into your own personal project. We’re now starting milestone 2 which is about research, where all seniors have to take Communications 231. Mrs. Ledford, the professor, works with the Early College and assigns a research paper that seniors have to write about their Senior Exit. This not only counts for that class, but counts towards Senior Exit as well. As the year goes on, the Senior Class of 2018 will continuously work on their projects until graduation. It’s an exciting time for TCEC. A new year brings new, innovative projects created by our amazing group of students.

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