Don't Be Stressed, Be A Success!

Have you ever dealt with stress? If you’ve stressed, you're not alone. It could be stress caused by peer pressure or school work, but the truth is there's stress in everyday life, in school or not.

Peer pressure is a stress put on you by others trying to persuade you. One example of peer pressure is trying to fit in or trying new things to help with your self esteem. Sometimes it may be because you are trying to get a break from your house. The best thing to do in these situations, if the pressure is negative, is to say “ No” and stay strong. If your friends are trying to make you do something, maybe they are not the friend(s) for you. Maybe it would be in your best interest to talk to new people. Find new people who share the same values and will stay with you no matter what. If you feel that you want to be a part of something that is wrong, stop and think about what the consequences of your actions could potentially be. If you are concerned about people bullying you if you say “No,” always remember not to feel bad about it it's probably best for you . You can say “ No, but thank you.” and politely decline.

School work is a major thing in high school. Especially if you procrastinate and instead go out with friends or say you will do it later. Something people do a lot is over complicate everything; their homework, sports, relationships and even their everyday life. If you are over complicating everything, or think you are, then stay after school get help from teachers and ask friends. Instead do your homework before anything else. A good idea is to make a room for studying, away from anything distracting like your phone, your bed, etc.

A good thing to remember is you're not alone. Even when you're an adult you still get stressed everyday. Even babies can pick up on stress, which can affect the baby later in life. Life is short, so when it comes down to it, worrying takes up way more time compared to just doing your work. I’m sure you have heard this before, truly “hard work does pay off” but you actually have to work.

“There is always going to be stress in your life, but it’s your choice whether to let it affect you or not” says Valerie Bertinelli. Overall, stress is a major factor in everyone's life no matter what. I hope these tips and addressing this problem helps you.

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