Behind The Scenes of Media Makers’ Success

From the TCEC’s website to its social media, for the past few months TCEC’s Media Makers class has been working to bring content. Media Makers is in charge of so many things and we have a lot in store for the next few months, like the glossary, blog posts, updates to the website.

According to Mrs. Cheek, the Media Makers ended up gaining the attention of the superintendent of Cherokee County who was very pleased about one of the class’s Facebook posts. Media Makers is helping students learn how to do multiple different things that pertain to social media, photography, and writing.

In Media Makers, we have six roles that students alternate into every week. We will change roles during this semester, then focus on fewer roles next semester. Below is a description of the roles students play in Media Makers.

Webmasters/Podcasters (MasterCasters):

MasterCasters are in charge of the website and are the ones that update it and make sure that the site works properly. This role teaches students about web design. Some current projects that the Master Casters are currently working on are:

  • Making a Sports page.

  • Fixing the mobile version of the website

Videographers/Photographers (Ographers):

Ographers are in charge of capturing events around the school either in videos or photography. This role teaches students how to take photos in a professional manner. What the Ographers have done/are doing:

  • Getting a wide collection of photos that can be used.

  • Partnering with Journalism to share and receive photos.

  • Making videos such as interviews.

Writers ( Bloggernauts):

Bloggernauts are the reason you’re seeing brand new content on the blog section of our website. We try to create a blog based on the school’s current events and work on getting them ready to be posted on the website. Keep looking at our blog section of the website to see brand new blogs almost every week! This role teaches students on how to prepare and write professional blog articles.

Editors (Fixers):

Fixers and Bloggernauts work together, Bloggernauts make the blogs and Fixers fix the blogs. But do a lot more than just that, they get to look over a lot of other group’s stuff

Analysts / Designers (Designalysts):

Designalysts are in charge of making our logos and our promotional materials for the school. Some things that they are currently in the process of are:

  • Making prototype logos

  • Making flyers for certain events

  • Checking website traffic and making some constructive criticism to help other groups.

Social Media Moguls (Zuckerbergs):

Our Zuckerbergs are in charge of our social media. For example, they get to schedule posts and try to encourage our audience on social media to visit our website. They get to learn about how to use social media more than just for personal use.

All of theses roles are student driven and even though they are supervised, all of the work

that they do are their own ideas. Not only do we learn from our teacher but we learn from guest speakers that have come in and taught us basic tips that have helped us greatly. We have had six professional photographers, videographers, writers and social media professionals come in to teach us, giving us great examples of how we can improve our skills at school and during everyday life

This class follows the learning path of the school, exposing great examples to our community to show that high school student -with the right encouragement and freedom- can do amazing things.We enjoy things that we are interested in and having a class that relates to those skills that are important to have in today’s society is so exciting for us! Next semester we will be choosing the role that we feel will benefit us to stay in the rest of the year and I’m sure you will see some great content from us next semester with our complete focus on one role in Media Makers.We hope that you stayed tuned to our social media and our website and continue to enjoy our content. TCEC is a school that provides opportunity to help us learn and grow and strive for success and we hope that you are able to see that with the work that we do in this class.

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