Cross Country

In cross country, students compete against other schools in North Carolina. They not only compete against others they compete against themselves, by trying to beat their personal record. This year, the women's team took 3rd place at conference. Sydney Bolyard, one of our own, won 6th place in State, beating her personal time. 



Men and women's swimming falls into the winter season. The main focus is agility, endurance, and hard work. Some of the best members of our swim team have made it to state. Our practice grounds are at the Hiwassee Valley Pool & Wellness Center, where the pool is open year round and covered with a dome in the winter to keep the pool warm. In 2018-2019, three swimmers finished in the top 20 at the state meet!




Currently, there is only a womens soccer team at TCEC, but if enough interest is shown, a mens team is certainly a possibility. Our team practices at the closest soccer field at Murphy High School, and take on local soccer teams from public schools.


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Our track team is smaller than most schools in the county. Even though our track team is small, we still make State Championships. One of our better runners, Sydney Bolyard, has made it to the State Championships every year she has run.

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They may not have awards, but they have spirit. Our golf team continues to make great strides towards success with practice, discipline, with a bit of fun. The objective of Golf is obvious to onlookers, hit a ball into a hole. However, golf requires a tranquil mind, a razor sharp focus, and a deep knowledge of applied physics.