The power of story

Project Overview

Everyone loves a good story.  What's yours?  Do you consider yourself to be a billion year old clump of stardust atoms that have followed unwavering physical and mathematical laws to create who you are?  Or maybe you think of yourself as 37 trillion pulsing cells that are working together using complex biochemical pathways to pass on your genes?  Maybe you see yourself as a historical figure - the result of a fascinating combination of cultures learning to live together in a society deeply impacted by wars, politics, immigration, and religion?  Or are you a writer who strives to tell stories about yourself and your place in creative ways?  Maybe you are a Spanish speaker and think that Spanish culture and language is ultimately what has led to your story?  


We all have a story to tell that is probably some combination of each of these, but we have to take the time to understand what that story is and how it has come to be.  This project will allow students to discover their story and others' through the perspectives of history, language, science, and math.  Students will do personal exploration to understand what they believe and how that can be influenced by family, friends, and society.  Once students begin to know their own story, their group's story and the story of this place, they will use those stories as a frame of reference to investigate how their stories differ from people and places around the world.

So what is your story?  We can't wait to hear.

Driving Question


What’s your story and how does it relate to, impact and influence the culture of your group, school, and nation?

Milestones & Timeline


The teachers have created a series of milestones to ensure that students stay on track to complete the projects.  Teachers and peers will check in with each student weekly to ensure that these milestones are being met.  The Digital Portfolio each student is provided contains information about each milestone listed below.

Entry Event



Final Product


Use at least two of the media below to tell a story that provides and expression of where you come from and who you are in relation to other stories while also demonstrating mastery of every competency of every group member.


  1. Podcast or video series

  2. Documentary

  3. Storytelling event

  4. Museum Exhibition

  5. Book or E-book

  6. Sketchup

  7. Performance / play

  8. Blog

Remember that every Final Product must meet the following criteria:

  • Portfolio structure (body of evidence)

  • Community /career tie in (must have mentor from outside the school per team)

  • Survival skills component per applicable level of student expectations (1st through 5th years; presentation skills and /or multi - media  expertise)

  • Math component

  • Social studies component

  • Science component

  • Language component (Lit/text, analysis)

  • Freedom for student voice and choice component