Top ten reasons

Check Out the Top Ten Reasons Why Students Attend TCEC!


Free College!!! The number one reason to come to TCEC is not only are you a highschool student doing awesome PBL projects but you also will take college classes and be able to graduate with an associates degree completely free! Saving you two years of schooling and tons of money!


At TCEC we have a variety of sport options year around, such as: cross country, indoor track, outdoor track, womens soccer, golf, and Swimming! We are very proud of our Athletes.



Here at TCEC we implement a learning and teaching strategy called PBL, which stands for project based learning. This learning strategy lets students express themselves in creative ways, such as building boats, tanning hides, and raising money for a well in Africa.



TCEC students work at their own pace, which allows them to dive into the things they are interested in and learn content in interesting ways, whether making an art piece to show mastery in biology or having a lively class debate in history. 


At TCEC you get to collaborate daily with your peers, which allows you to have a broad understanding of topics across grade levels. If you are working during class, during a project, or outside of school, you are guaranteed to get a valuable learning experience with classmates. 



Here at TCEC you build strong relationships with all of your teachers. You can talk to them on a daily basis and get lots of one-on-one time! 




At TCEC one thing you never have to worry about is being stuck within your school. Especially during projects, you can get mentors, helpers, and great community involvement to ramp up your work.


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If you work well at home, you will do great at TCEC! Our multipurpose classrooms allow for different types of learning styles. 



If you are worried about your future, no more! At TCEC, we have lots of opportunities to learn about future careers. With real life job-shadowing experiences, research, and preparation, we will help you find a career field you love. 




 Tri-County Early College has a 100% high school graduation rate.